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Crown Charm Bracelet Set

Crown Charm Bracelet Set

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Look your best with the impressive and luxurious Crown Charm Bracelet Set. This 4-piece set features classical handmade braiding in stainless steel that is adorned with pave CZ beads and stylish skull or Roman numeral charms. Show off your sense of luxury and class like never before - this beautiful set adjusts from 16cm to 21cm, so you can find the perfect fit and show it off anywhere. The craftsmanship is unparalleled, offering supreme durability and a long-lasting design. For those who are searching for style, there is no better choice than the Crown Charm Bracelet Set. Make sure to get yours today - this is one luxury jewelry set you won't want to miss out on!



Product Index:
Material: Stainless  Steel, Pave CZ Beads
Bracelets Size: 16cm~21cm(adjustable)
Quantity: 1set/4pcs
Roman Numeral Bracelet Size:18CM-19CM
Beads Bracelets Size: 16CM-21cm(adjustable)
Feature: Crown Charm Bracelet

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